Are you wondering about the dreams you are having? Then you have come to the right place! God can speak to us alot about our lives through dreams. On this page, I explain the different types of dreams we can have as well as what common dream symbols mean. I have also included some basic information on how to interpret your dreams below.

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Dream Symbol Meanings

Common Dream Symbols and what they mean abd represent indoor dreams like colors, places, people etc. To See My full Video series on Understanding Your Dreams, simply click: VIDEOS

Decoding Your Dreams

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Decoding Your Dreams- Dream Keys & Symbols

Basic Keys for interpreting Dreams:

  • First, always write the dream down as soon as you wake before you lose any of the details. Keep a dream journal by the bed or use the “notes” feature or even the “memo” feature in your smartphone to record the specifics of the dream. 
  • What is the source of the dream? Dreams can come from God, the demonic realm (as in certain types of nightmares) or the soul. And not every dream we have may be prophetic in nature, some dreams can simply be our mind working out the issues of our soul. Some dreams can be a mixture of the two soul and God , the enemy and Soul, that’s why you ask the Holy Spirit- What is the source of the dream. This should be followed by examining the immediate Fruit of the dream. How did it make you feel? Confused? Relieved? Encouraged? Depressed? Etc.
  • The most important question you can ask is: What does this dream mean to me? God will often use our dreams to speak directly to us about the situation and issues that matter to us and our lives or address things we have been praying in regards to before giving us major prophetic dreams that affect the body of Christ in general.
  • Context: Context is important when deciphering dreams. What is God dealing with in your life? Is there something you have been praying about or looking for an answer to ? Looking at the dream as a whole will help often help you understand the different parts of it. When it’s a God give dream, He doesn’t waste any parts of it.
  • Emotions: Emotions and how you feel upon waking often do matter and have meaning that is important for you to note. This is especially true if you felt different in the dream that you typically would in a situation.
  • People, names and the meaning of the names of people and how you reacted to them is also important when interpreting your dreams. Is the person family? A co-worker, a friend? How does this person make you feel in real life? Do you like or dislike them? Sometimes the people in our dreams are just symbolic in nature so thinking through your real life connection to them is important.
  • Details: Details work in two ways- On one hand they can be very important like actions in the dream- were you running, working, resting, flying driving? Were you traveling to a different place? But sometimes in dreams we can get too bogged down in the details of every little thing and miss the overall point of what God was trying to say. For example, you may dream you are in a “bedroom” in a house sleeping in a bed. The bedroom which can represent rest and intimacy may be important but the colors of the bedding, furniture etc may not be. One way to know is if the details keep coming to mind when you are processing the dream – this can be a signal that they may be more important than first thought.
  • Always pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding and the interpretation of the dream before you access the dream symbol dictionaries. In this way you will be training yourself on how to better hear and understand the way God is speaking specifically to you. Then the dream symbol dictionaries can act more like a confirmation to what you have received rather than your main resource.
  • Always remember that dreams are symbolic which means that their symbols stand for something else: In the Christian’s case, those symbols should always be interpreted through a biblical lens NOT a worldly or new age perspective. That is why if you use Dream symbol books to help you figure out the meanings you should use bible based ones. Also the typical rule in bible based dream symbology is that the first use of something typically represents its main meaning.
  • Note that Dream Symbols can have both positive and negative meanings that is why examining them within the context of the dream is so important.

Type of Dreams:

Dreams are basically visions that you have in the night. God given dreams are basically and invitation to get to know God better, learn more about how He communicates and to discover His plans and purposes for your life. Some common types of dreams are listed below. Please note that this is NOT a comprehensive list but is just meant to give you an idea of what can occur in dreams. Also I encourage you to take the time to listen to the short podcasts I have included above as they go into more detail about dreams, dream types and dream interpretation.

Healing and Deliverance Dreams: Often these are dreams where one receives healing within the dream, the healing is promised or deliverance is mentioned or occurs. For example when one dreams of bathing, showering, shaving or washing, or using the bathroom- these symbols typically represent cleansing, repentance, purging and deliverance in ones life that is either needed, taking place or is about to occur. Healing dreams can also involve healing of our emotions and soul.

Prophetic/Calling Dreams: (Genesis 37:5) These are dreams where we are shown the future of either our lives, the lives of others or of events of the world and the church in general. These are also dreams where we are shown our specific calling.

Warning Dreams: (Matthew 2:13) These are dreams where you receive warnings about events, things, issues or people either in your life or coming into your life.

Information/Strategy/Invention Dreams: (Genesis 31:10-13) These are dreams where we are given the strategy or plan of how to deal with something, someone or an attack occurring in our lives.

Warfare Dreams: (Judges 7:13-17) These dreams often contain some type of warfare, fighting or battle that occurs. Warfare dreams can also be where the enemy’s strategy and plan of attack in your life is also revealed. In some cases, what we call nightmares can actually be warfare dreams where the enemy’s strategy is being revealed- again this is why it is important to note the fruit of the dream and to ask the Holy Spirit for the source and guidance on it.

Direction Dreams: (Matthew 2:19-23) These are dreams where God gives you specific directions in regards to things in your life. It can be steps you need to take or plans you need to make or avoid.

Nightmares: (Matthew 27:19) These are dreams of the demonic and/or hidden soul issues and fears. When dealing with nightmares it is important to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what is truly going on behind the scenes in those dreams- is there a need for inner healing of a wound or trauma that the enemy is hitting?

Sexual Dreams: These are dreams of a sexual nature. Typically in dreams sexual union means agreement, wrong covenant and the like. Again these could also be dreams where healing and deliverance is needed especially in the area of sexual pornography, dealing with deviance, etc. These dreams can also be a warning of others true motives towards you.

Heavenly Dreams: (Genesis 28:11) These are dreams of heaven and/or being taken to heaven. Or being brought up before Jesus or God to speak with them or of angels speaking with them. Dreams where the Lord may come and speak to us and show us things in heaven or how the Kingdom works. Often the person will feel as if they have actually been to heaven and or in the presence of God.

Biblical Dream Symbol Links:
(To learn about some of the more common dream symbols like falling, flying, etc, watch my video above called Common Dream Symbols)

It is impossible for me to include a thorough dream symbol dictionary here on my site, but here are some sites that have biblical reference dream symbols you can use. Please note that I do not know these ministries personally or am I fully endorsing them, but I have looked over their symbols dictionaries and found they are very similar to many used for biblical dream symbol interpretation. Happy Dreaming!

Christian Dream Symbols:

Unlocking Your Dreams:

Good Book Resources on Dream Interpretation:

Tons of books on Dreams but here are a few good ones:

Understanding the Dreams You Dream - Ira Milligan (Amazon)

Dream Language: The Power of Prophetic Dreams - James Goll (Amazon)

The Divinity Code to Understanding your Dreams & Visions - Thompson & Beale ( Amazon)

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